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Why ICommunicate?

Why Choose Us?

• We are totally invested in our clients and their vision.

• We know how to develop strategies, thought leading commentary to shape issues and understanding and sway conversations to the benefit of our clients.

• We will give you a team of seasoned professionals led by senior staff.

• We have a proven track record with our clients We have the necessary resources in Gauteng and KZN.

• We have an established working relationship with the local media.

• We have a clear measurement of everything we do.

• We are passionate about success


We manage key aspects of business in emerging markets, matching skills/capabilities with client needs. We craft vibrant platforms that promote dynamism and positively enhance our clients brand. We ensure our clients achieve their objectives. We believe and support collaborations that are mutually beneficial, ensure the best results. We innovate and disrupt the norm to achieve and excel.

Our Communication Solutions

• Media Relations & Strategy

• Corporate and Brand Communications

• Crisis Preparedness & Communications

• CSI Strategy

• Editorial

• Strategic Platforms – Events, Conferences & Symposiums

• Creative Design and Development and Internal Communications

• Digital Campaigns

• Influencer engagement

• Event conceptualization and co-ordination

• Staffing for events

• Corporate gifts and clothing



We love it when a plan comes together! The first step is always outlining a clear objective. Once an objective has been agreed upon, we then draft the strategy and tactics for clients approval. On approval we execute.
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